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How to create ISO (Alcohol MDS) image file from CD/DVD drive with Complex Evolution.

The Save disc to image function makes a ISO image (or Alcohol MDS image) of your master disc, transferring the disc layout of the original disc to image file.

  1. To Save disc to image use Extras/Save CD/DVD to image menu item.

  2. Select the drive you want to save with from the corresponding combobox.

  3. Choose the destination folder and assign the name of the file to be created *.iso (or *.mds).

  4. Push ОК button.

Read mode is a mode to read the original disc. The following modes are available: Raw data, Raw data+PQ subchannel, Raw data+raw PW subchannel.

Read retries – A number of attempts to read the defected sectors.

Bad block ignore - if you activate this option, any read errors will be ignored.




Progress bar reflects the progress of burning process. Service messages are shown in the log window.


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